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I love reading for the sake of learning so I'm an avid researcher. I also love sharing what I've learned which is why I decided to become a blogger. I do not claim to be a writer nor an expert on anything. I'm just passionate about family, food, health, wine, art, gardening and creativity and I LOVE to share! Since my daughters share my passions and love of research and writing, they partner with me to bring you the best from My Urban Pastures!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Any Day is Perfect for Mulligatawny!

I finally made it back from a very long hiatus.  I must admit, I almost gave up on the idea of blogging.  Though I've busied myself the past year with traveling between Florida and South Carolina, volunteering in a classroom of first graders, and taking care of my grandson part-time;  I've spent a lot of time contemplating what I want to do in this phase of my life.  I'm still pondering some ideas but one thing's for certain, there will be blogging!  Oh, and traveling... I love to travel!  I love that feeling of freedom I get when I'm on the open road. I also feel like I'm on a journey to explore new things and new places like I'm in uncharted waters. Especially when it's some place I have't been before.  You know what else makes me feel like that...cooking. I have no idea why it's taken me so long to realize it but, I love experimenting with food and sharing that experience with others. Blogging is the perfect vehicle to do so besides entertaining my friends or just whipping up a meal for my family.  My love for cooking and entertaining was passed on to me by my mother. She was a fantastic cook and not only did she encourage me to be creative by giving me free reigns in her kitchen at times but, she was the first to sing my praises.  So what if it took me a while to get it? Sometimes we have to take a step back and observe ourselves before we finally realize what others have realized about us all along.  Whether you're in the kitchen or on the road, the journey is all a part of the process.

Speaking of the kitchen and on the road:

For the past week I've been enjoying some much needed rest in one of favorite places, Simpsonville South Carolina. It's been rather dreary all week but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying my visit. I've grown very fond of  Simpsonville and Greenville and well, in all honesty, we're hoping to move here once my husband retires.  South Carolina offers us everything we're looking for in a place to live and I love the fact that the winters aren't that harsh as well as the summers.  Case in point, yesterday!

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